Hépatites Ressources

Dernière mise à jour : 1970-01-01

Description :

* Telephone support service.
* Information on Hepatitis and the side effects of treatments.
* Discussion groups.
* One-on-one counseling at their office or at home for people who cannot get around.
* Personalized plan for those wishing to receive a Hepatitis treatment and their loved ones.
* Pivot nursing assistant available for complete medical follow-up.
* On-site doctor once a month for HVC treatment.
* Fibroscan services.
* Collection of used syringes.
* Distribution of new injection equipment.
* Prevention and awareness, dynamic information sessions.
* Assessment service in work places considered at risk for contracting the hepatitis viruses.

Clientèle :

people having contracted the hepatitis C virus, their loved ones, prevention: high schools, youth centres, therapy centres for youth and adults, transition centres, community organizations, public at large

Frais :


Territoire désservi :

Province of Québec

Statut légal :

non-profit organization