Maison de Job

Dernière mise à jour : 1970-01-01

Description :

Therapy (rehabilitation) and Social Reinsertion Centre
* 30-day, mixed, in-patient therapy.
* Full housing.
* One-on-one counseling and follow-up.
* Group workshops.
* Initiation to support groups.
* Liaison officer.
* Nurse.
* Drug substitution treatment. Two to six month social reinsertion programme.
* Full housing.
* Help for job hunting and back to school.
* Help for apartment hunting.
* Career training.
* Support groups.
* Recreation.
* Accommodation recognized by correctional services for The Court of Quebec Addiction Treatment Program (CQATP).

Clientèle :

private rehabilitation: adults with addiction (drugs, alcohol, medication) with or without mental health issues, social reinsertion: men 18 years and older having previously completed rehab for at least 30 days

Frais :

$2500 for therapy, free for social assistance recipients for therapy and social reinsertion, free for on-reserve income assistance recipients

Territoire désservi :

Province of Québec

Capacité :

26 individual rooms: 6 rooms for women, 10 rooms for men; Reintegration: 10 men's rooms

Statut légal :

non-profit organization