Chabad Lifeline

Last update: 2021-07-27


External rehabilitation for people with an addiction.
* Treated addictions: drugs, alcohol, eating disorder, sex, pornography, gambling, prescription drugs, internet, smartphone and gaming, tobacco and vaping, shopping.
* Crisis intervention, individual and group therapy.
* Youth services: group and individual therapy.
* Counselling and referrals: screening, assessment, 12-step meetings, referrals to detox and residential treatment centres.
* Aftercare and reintegration.
* Family support.

Type of addiction:

Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Cyberaddiction

Customer base:

people who are in distress due to addiction and their families, youth services: teenagers at risk of addiction and young people who grew up in families dealing with addictions


free, long-term counselling: variable depending on the client's ability to pay

Territory served:

île de Montréal


Without accommodation

Legal status:

non-profit organization

Language of service: