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Kanonhkwa’Tsheri:Io Health And Social Facility

Last update: 2021-01-11


Health centre for the community of Akwesasne.
* Ambulance.
* Medical clinic.
* Addictions counseling.
* Community health: infection prevention and control, environmental health, maternal child health, diabetes prevention and management, smoking cessation, falls prevention education, communicable disease services, vaccinations.
* Child and family services: child protection, family support, traditional support, commmunity prevention and education, foster care, 24/7 on-call services, referral and advocacy.
* Child care.
* Community and social services: social assistance, disability, temporary care, education and employment assistance.
* Tekanikonrahwa:kon program for wholistic health: help with medical, physical, addiction and mental health issues, through counseling, prevention and traditional medicine options.
* Dental clinic.
* Pharmacy.
* Optometry.
* Traditional medicine.
* Community support.

Type of addiction:

Alcohol, Drugs

Customer base:

members of an aboriginal community



Territory served:



Without accommodation

Legal status:

municipal agency

Language of service: