Onentokon Healing Lodge

Dernière mise à jour : 1970-01-01

Description :

Trauma focused holistic healing centre that is based on native cultures, practices and traditions.
* Six-week healing program.
* Individual meetings and healing circles.
* Anonymous meetings related to alcoholism and drug addiction.
* Psychosocial counselling.
* On-site housing.
* Referrals to detox and residential treatment centres.
* After-Care Counselling and relapse prevention.
* Meals prepared on site.
* The location allows contact with nature.
* Recreation and sports hall.

Clientèle :

Native people over the age of 18 with drug and/or alcohol addictions and their significant others

Territoire désservi :

Province of Québec

Capacité :

16 beds

Statut légal :

non-profit organization