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Last update: 1970-01-01


Addiction Rehabilitation Centre.
* 28 days in-patient program.
* Separate program for addiction to substances.
* Separate program for excessive gambling.
* Combined program for addictions.
* Program for internet addiction.
* 10-day in-patient resourcing.
* Assessment.
* Help and support for detoxification (mild withdrawal).
* One-on-one therapy.
* Therapy for «uniformed occupations» specific to addiction and PTSD.
* Respite service for clients who are members of the Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs.
* Virtual help program for loved ones: given to all loved ones.
* Support group for parents: group for 10 consecutive weeks in person.
* Support group for partners/spouses: group for 10 consecutive weeks in person.
* Family or marriage counselling: 8 to 15 sessions of 75 minutes, in person.
* One-on-one counselling for loved ones: 8 to 15 sessions of 50 minutes, in person or via videoconference (this option is offered if none of the previous services can meet the needs of the loved one).
* Post rehab follow-up: support group, one-on-one counselling.
* Addiction prevention.
* Activities: massage therapy, acupuncture, art therapy, zoo therapy, gym.
* Self-exclusion program: three months to five years.
* Help with addiction in the workplace.
* Éduc-Jeu service: prevention and responsible gaming workshops.
* Vers un chez-soi program.

Type of addiction:

Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Cyberaddiction

Customer base:

people with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, excessive gambling, internet, compulsive shopping and stock market, professionals in uniform (military, police officers, firemen/women, veterans, correctional officers etc.), spouses or loved ones of people with an addiction (whether the person is in therapy or not, in our centre or non), companies


inpatient therapy 28-day regular program: $5936, inpatient Gambling and Cyberaddiction: free by CRDQ referenceinpatient therapy 28-day specifically for professionals in uniform, past or present: $6440, possibilty of payment plans or financial assistance according to person's situation, one-on-one, mariage or family counseling 40$ per session, support groups: free, respite and resourcing: variable prices and payment plan

Territory served:

Province of Québec




1 month and less; 10 jours et moins

Legal status:

non-profit organization

Language of service:


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