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  • Centre de Réadaptation en Dépendance de Montréal – Point de Service Prince-Arthur

Centre de Réadaptation en Dépendance de Montréal – Point de Service Prince-Arthur

Last update: 1970-01-01


Second-line addiction services
* Specialized assessment (access point at the Louvain service point).
* Outpatient rehabilitation.
* Inpatient rehabilitation for adults (Louvain service point).
* Inpatient rehabilitation for adolescents (by agreement with Portage, Le Grand Chemin and Pavillon du Nouveau Point de Vue).
* Internal withdrawal: Light to moderate weaning (at Prince-Arthur service point).
* Social reintegration.
* Budget management.
* Support to relatives.
* Individual, group, family and couple intervention.
* Nursing services (Louvain service point).
* At-risk drivers assessment program (PERRCA) (Louvain service point).
* Training and support service in addiction (at Prince-Arthur service point). Emergency addictions service
* Crisis intervention by telephone or on site for people with a drug addiction problem: assessment and support by nurses and stakeholders and doctors.
* Short-term accommodation.
* References to the other services of the Centre.
* Excessive gambling: support, individual or group intervention, budget consultation.
* Social integration: partnerships with non-institutional, family, professional or community resources. Treatment with opioid agonists: CRAN program
* Substitution treatment of opioid dependence.
* Listening, help and guidance.
* Medical, nursing and psychosocial services.
* Perinatal services.
* Support to relatives.
* Clinical support for professionals and training for community stakeholders.

Type of addiction:

Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Cyberaddiction

Customer base:

people 12 years and older with an addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling or cyberaddiction), their relatives



Territory served:

Centre-Sud de l'île de Montréal


28 beds for withdrawal management and 10 stretchers in the addiction emergency room


1 month and less; 1 to 3 months; 10 jours et moins

Legal status:

provincial government agency

Language of service:

French; English


  • second-line addiction services: Monday to Thursday 8h00 to 20h00
  • Friday 8h00 to 16h00
  • treatment with opioid agonists: Monday to Friday 9h00 to 17h00
  • addiction emergency: 24/7