Havre du Fjord

Last update: 1970-01-01


In-patient Rehabilitation Centre of variable duration from 14 to 24 weeks.
* Separate programme for addiction to substances.
* Separate programme for excessive gambling.
* Combined programme for addictions.
* Programme for cyberaddiction.
* Screening, assessment (DEP-ADO and IGT-ADO) and orientation.
* One-on-one, family and group therapy.
* Thematic workshops, therapeutic work
* Satellite school: mandatory programme.
* Support to loved ones: short term family therapy using the systematic approach
* Social reinsertion: progressive and evolving.
* Information, accompaniment, support and referrals.

Type of addiction:

Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Cyberaddiction

Customer base:

teens 12 to 18 with an addiction (drugs, alcohol, medication, gambling, cyberaddiction) with or without mental health problem or social disaffiliation


free by contract

Territory served:

Province of Québec




3 months and more

Legal status:

non-profit organization

Language of service: