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Maison des Jeunes de la Prairie

Last update: 1970-01-01


Meeting place, services and reference.
* Cultural activities: painting, drawing, cooking, music, improvisation, etc.
* Sports activities: soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball, etc.
* Leisure activities: board games, parties, sleepovers, etc.
* Volunteering: tree planting, food drive, bike collection, etc.
* Self-financing and democratic activities.
* Information and prevention in sexuality, crime, drug addiction, mental health and others.
* Homework assistance.
* Outings.

Type of addiction:


Customer base:

youth 12 to 17 years old


life membership: $10

Territory served:

La Prairie


Without accommodation

Legal status:

non-profit organization

Language of service:

French; English


  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday and Thursday 18h00 to 21h00
  • Friday and Saturday 18h00 to 22h00