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Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux

Last update: 1970-01-01


Assumes government responsibilities relative to health and social services.
* Maintains and improves health and well-being by making health and social services accessible.
* General information about programs.
* Information and support for families planning an adoption outside of Québec.
* Sociobiological background research in case of adoption outside of Québec.
* Alcohol, drugs and gambling addiction: information and awareness campaign, resources directory, documentation and resources certification.
* Information about the Loi concernant la lutte contre le tabagisme.
* Programme de soutien aux organismes communautaires (PSOC): financial support for community organizations working in health and social services.
* Publications: publications.msss.gouv.qc.ca/msss/en
* Practical guides to inform PSR tenants of their rights and obligations: publications.msss.gouv.qc.ca/msss/document-002384 et publications.msss.gouv.qc.ca/msss/document-002386

Type of addiction:

Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling

Territory served:

Province of Québec


Without accommodation

Legal status:

provincial government agency

Language of service:

French; English


  • by phone: Monday to Friday 8h00 à 18h00